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Nagaland PWD(H) Highlights Housing Shortage in Housing Sector | MorungExpress

Officials and attendees during the 52nd Engineers Day Celebration at the Chief Engineer’s Boardroom, NPWD Complex, Kohima on September 15.

• Nagaland’s goal for housing for persons with disabilities is to achieve affordable housing by 2030
• Need to reactivate the Nagaland Housing Council with a new Nagaland Housing Policy

Kohima, September 15 (MExN): Nagaland Public Works Department (NPWD) celebrated the 52nd Engineers Day under the theme “Engineering for Change” at the Chief Engineer’s Conference Room, NPWD Complex, Kohima on September 15th.

On the occasion, Er I Tiameren, Chief Engineer, NPWD (Housing), Nagaland in his brief presentation on “NPWD Housing Vision Document” said that Nagaland State has 5377 government residential building numbers of various types from Type I to VIP Bungalow as per PWD Housing Building Inventory 2019. Most of the buildings were constructed in the 1960s and 1970s and “some are beyond economical repairs and have survived the building age “said Media Cell, Association of Engineers PWD in a press release.

He mentioned that Nagaland State has about 1,23,182 employees as per Nagaland State Government payroll as of March 31, 2021, where only a fraction of government employees enjoy government accommodation and rest resides either in their own private home or in a rented private home. pay huge rent fees.

Therefore, to overcome this housing shortage problem in the housing sector, he mentioned that PWD Housing Nagaland has set a target by 2030 to get affordable housing in all district headquarters and the city from the current government housing availability of 4.37% to achieve the target at 5.20% by building 1,000 housing units Type of apartment that may include rental housing with the latest construction technology.

Further, he said that to achieve the goal, he must reactivate the Housing Council of Nagaland with a new housing policy of Nagaland to be strengthened with the aim of providing affordable housing to all economic groups of people and the uniformity in all districts and cities of Nagaland.

Earlier, in the keynote address, Er Kahuli Sema, Chief Engineer, NPWD paid tribute to the “engineer of engineers”, “the architect of architects”. On the theme, “Engineering for Change, Sema said that every engineer plays an important role in nation-building and has enormous responsibility in different fields and urged them to be sincere and dedicated to their service. .

Er Hozheto Shikhu, President of NPWD Engineers Association, stressing the importance of Engineers Day, said September 15 is celebrated as Engineers Day to mark the birth anniversary of Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya popularly known as the name of MV, India’s first civil engineer, statesman in India in recognition of his achievement. Other chief engineers also spoke about the event and the program was chaired by Er Moasashi, PWD Chief Engineer, Mechanical.